Why recycling

About recycling

We regard ourselves as the leading recycling company in Denmark. We work for international recognition and respect. Moreover, we shall be the preferred partner for our customers.

Scrap recovery

We help companies and municipalities all over the country to dispose of scrap for recycling. Our transport department provides the correct handling of dangerous goods and environmentally problematic materials.

Large capacity

H.J. Hansen is one of the North European leading companies in recycling. Our shredder plant covers more than half of the shredder capacity available in Denmark and handles more than a million tons scrap yearly. The refining plant daily sorts as much as 400 tons metal waste.

Global sales

We constantly monitor the London Metal Exchange as well as the international markets of finance and raw materials. We have offices in China and agents in Turkey and Spain ensuring stable commercial outlets and advantageous prices.

Environmental transportation

When you move 1.5 million tons scrap, yearly it has to be carried out efficiently and pro-environmentally. For that reason, we have placed most of our departments near to harbors and wharfs - 75% of all our materials are transported by sea.

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Other companies in the Group

The business area of H.J. Hansen Nedbrydning A/S is demolition of ships, processing plants, harbors, factories, windmills and other large iron- and concrete constructions.

Bildemontering Danmark A/S recycles cars. Every year we recycle pro-environmentally about 10,000 cars.