H.J. Hansen is the guarantor of correct and environ mental handling of waste products and we continuously work on developing new methods to minimize the envi ronmental impact.

We buy six main types of scrap:

Iron scrap

Metal scrap

Electronic scrap

Construction waste

Cable scrap

Other scrap

Should you have any questions to the type of your scrap, please feel free to contact us, telephone +45 63 10 91 00.

Demolition of ships and large constructions

H.J. Hansen Nedbrydning A/S recycles ships, processing plants, harbors, industries, windmills, and large iron and concrete constructions.

See examples: Demolition projects

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Recycling of cars

Bildemontering Danmark A/S recycles nearly 85% of a scrapped car. Every year we handle about 10,000 cars environmentally.

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